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Kyle is going to be on the season 3 premiere of The Closer airing on June 18th on TNT.

You can view a six-minute sneak peek here. It's shaping up to be a great episode. :)
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Isn't it? So intense. :)

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I wrote it on a post-it that I stuck to my computer screen. ^_^ I don't get the channel, but I'm sure someone will post clips...

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Lol, that's a good idea!
this looks like an awesome episode.. Ive never watched this show before but I will just to see Mr.Gallner... he's so talented.
I've watched an episode or two, and it's a great show. I can't wait to see Kyle in it either - you're right, he's so talented. Even though he got typecasted a few times, he still proves he can pull anything off and do great. :)
yup, every show he's on, he plays a tortured psycho. But he could star in a comedy and he'd still be awesome.

I REALLY miss Cassidy on VM..its not the same w/o him.
Cassidy was one of my favorite characters. I was crushed when he turned out to be behind all those horrible things. I agree it's just not the same without him.

Kyle in a comedy. Now that's a great thought. I'd love to see him that.
I saw Kyle Gallner in Smallville and he had some great really funny line's. He's such a wonderful young actor. He's really good in CSI NY and he's totally NOT CRAZY!!! YEA!!! In fact he's very nice. I wish that he was on more. He's pretty easy on the old eye's too and that's never a bad thing.