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There's always his MySpace.. www.myspace.com/wcsteeze.. It's his.. but I can insure you he WONT answer.. he has like 100 irl friends and he focuses all on them.. he never answers fans, because they're just too many.. but check it out. He's really cool.
Have a nice day...
(My Space is: Jani-Lee. Add me if you wanna)
um he DOES answer to fans. just because he has a lot of people contacting him doesn't mean he won't answer nor read them. quit making it seem like he's an asshole..



October 11 2009, 00:28:05 UTC 7 years ago

i'm glad he doesn't have a bigger fan base like the twilight actors. it would be so annoying seeing comment after comment from 12, 13 year olds saying how hot he is every 5 seconds. plus that's less stress on kyle. he doesn't need that constant attention, like the pap following him everywhere he goes